#ad In exchange for an honest review, we received free product from My Little Mascara Club.  All opinions are our own. #happylashes

Self-care is a topic that has been top of mind for many women as we navigate our new normal.  From online Zoom classes to meal prep (why are the kids always eating?!), women and especially moms are being pulled in a hundred different directions.

Imagine our surprise to find this cute little pick-me-up in our mailbox this week from My Little Mascara Club!  My Little Mascara Club is more than just a makeup subscription service.  They’re on a mission to help women feel better about themselves & their lives.  Spreading happiness is what they do!

The LENGTH + DEFINITION mascara, made with over 90% natural ingredients, is one of the easiest ways to feel human again after so much time spent taking care of others. 

What else did we find in our package?  A bottle of FRESH micellar water mascara remover made with cucumber for a non-greasy refreshing feel,  reusable mascara remover wipes cleverly named ERASE.  They’re so soft & eco-friendly! Included in our package was the PRETTY makeup bag that’s currently available as a special gift using our promo code!  


There’s never been a better time to have mascara delivered to your door.  With each purchase, you’re supporting an indie brand on their mission to #createhappy for women & girls everywhere.